Welcome to CSGO HUB

Welcome to CSGO HUB

Today we are proud to publicly open the CSGO HUB BETA to the community, creating a new platform dedicated to helping players get the most out of their time playing Counter-Strike. To start, we are providing a variety of helpful tools to allow you to share your matches, learn from your mistakes, and improve as a player.

Sign up today for free to access the following for both your Valve Matchmaking and ESEA matches.

Map Analysis

Break down each individual map identifying where you have taken positive engagements and where you could improve. Select an area to dive even further into the exact positions and statistics for that section of the map to highlight if you are overcompensating or leaving yourself exposed to specific positions. We feature both personal tips based on your own trends, as well as widespread community tendencies at your rank to help you capitalise on frequent mistakes or be ready for specific strategies in your games.

You can apply a range of filters to each map allowing you to examine your performance with varying levels of economy or see if specific weapons better fit your play style. Alternatively, browse community trends to examine how, for example, Global Elite and Silver 1 players differ in their established meta.

Report Cards

Every Monday we assign you a report card based on your previous week of matches showcasing both your strengths and weaknesses from that period. We grade you against other players of an identical rank so you can easily determine where you need to improve in order to rank up.

Players are provided with helpful tips based on trends that we have identified and given recommendations in order to try and correct those weaknesses before they result in more lost matches. Players wishing to draw their own comparisons can examine the data in each category and see the exact improvement required in order to receive a higher grade. Each card is archived against your ESL account allowing you to easily track your improvement across months or compare two cards directly to see how your play has evolved.

Additionally, players can choose to compare themselves against those of the same ESEA Rank instead of Valve Matchmaking.

Automatic Match Recaps

After each individual game, your profile will display a recap illustrating the top players for each match. Brag to your friends about your recent triumph or identify the specific area where you had a positive impact, be that with a piece of utility, pistol round performance or key clutch round.  

Break down each match into the individual rounds, pinpointing where the momentum changed or easily finding specific rounds to review later by downloading the demo. Analyze individual matchups to find out which players matched up well against each other and, most importantly, who to blame for your recent derank (not you, of course).

Fundamental Skills Training

Practice the key aim and movement mechanics with our new workshop map featuring aim training, warm-up mode, active duty prefire maps, KZ/Bunnyhop courses, and surf arenas.

Challenge your friends to our new aim challenge, screenshot your best score and let us know at @ESLCS on Twitter with #CSGOHUB

Daily Missions

Compete on a new global leaderboard with assigned missions every day. These feature a variety of tests such as wins on specific maps, kills with different weapons or utility. Don’t worry if you get a tough mission and are struggling to get grenade kills as you can always reroll one mission each day. However, you will not receive any new missions until you have completed some from your previous assignment.

Next Steps

Today, we are opening the CSGO HUB BETA to the community but are only just getting started and have a range of new features currently in development. We would love to hear your suggestions for improvements whether they be small, new, niche statistics or larger, elaborate ideas that you want us to explore. With any new site and with thousands of different technical configurations, bugs may arise. If you think a page or feature is not operating as it should be, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our Bug Report forum or privately by emailing support@csgohub.com

The CSGO HUB team