CSGO HUB 2020 Recap

CSGO HUB 2020 Recap

As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to thank the CS:GO community for their positive response to our first stage of public beta.

In our first five months the CSGO HUB has:

  • Welcomed over 40,000 registered players
  • Processed match statistics for over 1,500,000 games
  • Tracked over 1,000 professional matches
  • Issued over 363,000 Report Cards
  • Completed over 88,000 Missions

We have been taking onboard your thoughts and made a number of adjustments since the original beta release in August.

Thanks to your feedback, in the last few months we have:

  • Created new browser notifications so you’ll never miss another report card or match recap
  • Released an updated homepage for logged in players to quickly access their own data and logged out players can see what is on offer
  • Added new tools to allow you to view report cards, match recaps, and utilise the map analysis tool for your favourite professional players and tournaments
  • Plus many minor bug fixes and improvements

With many exciting new features planned for 2021, join us at CSGOHUB.com today to access a number of tools to help you identify your weaknesses and highlight your strengths.