CSGO HUB beta updates: Pro Players

CSGO HUB beta updates: Pro Players

Just over a month after the CSGO HUB beta launched and we’ve received a warm welcome from the community. Over 25,000 players have checked out our report cards or identified their best positions using our Map Analysis tool with over 250,000 matches processed so far. New players are welcome to sign up and start importing their own personal matches here.

Today we are happy to release three new features outlined below:

1 - Pro games for the Map Analysis tool

Rather than looking at your own personal matches or widespread community trends, you can now drill down into how your favourite top players perform on each map. Simply select the player by their alias under the “Rank” tab in the top left corner of the Map Analysis tool to view their engagements.

You may need to adjust the date filter in order to see matches for some players as due to the official tournament break, in July, some players do not have many recent matches. To start, we have added ESL Pro League Season 11/12, the IEM New York qualifiers, and ESL One Cologne. Moving forward we plan to automatically add higher tier matches from both online qualifiers and LAN tournaments.

For example, check out shox's recent matches here.

2 - Compare your statistics to top players

Starting with ESL One Cologne, we are going to be generating report cards for top tier players based on their performance at individual events. You can browse these on their own via the report card archive or go a step further and compare your own recent cards against the top players directly. Simply navigate to your report card archive and select the professional player you want to compare against and then choose the desired card you would like to compare to.

3 - Export your Map Analysis

You can now export Map Analysis images to PNG image files to share with your friends or create custom images. You can still apply all of our filters, such as using pro player’s matches or looking at widespread community trends. Alternatively, dive into a specific situation such as look at early-round AWP kills or eco round Terrorist side kills.

An example export on dust2 is available below:

We hope you enjoy these new features and can’t wait to hear your feedback on social media. Don’t forget you can help us by reporting bugs, sending suggestions or by contacting us privately at support@csgohub.com by email.