Try CSGO HUB Premium for free!

Try CSGO HUB Premium for free!

To celebrate the recent ESL Pro League Season 14 Finals, Coil are offering a free trial for players who are ranked DMG and above for 30 days.

Coil is changing the way the internet is monetised with a monthly subscription that awards portions of their monthly fee to the sites you most often view. For example, if you spend time watching your favorite Twitch streamer then Coil will automatically award bits to their channel. You will also receive Imgur Emerald, CSGO HUB Premium, and other cool benefits listed here.

Use CSGO HUB Premium to:

  • Unlock ESEA Premium
  • Receive additional Bingo cards for IEM Fall
  • Watch behind the scenes interviews
  • Get Pro Video tips based on your match data
  • Support your favorite professional teams and wear their badge

Players who are ranked DMG and above can try all of this for 30 days for free by following these steps:

Step 1: Log into CSGO HUB

Step 2: (If you haven't already) Submit a match so we can identify your rank here

Step 3: Follow the steps here to subscribe. You can check the free trial is being correctly applied as you will see this banner:

Step 4: Install the Coil browser extension here

If you have any questions please reach out to