FACEIT automatic tracking, match recap graphs, and more

FACEIT automatic tracking, match recap graphs, and more

We at the CSGO HUB have listened to your feedback and are please to announce that we have added several new features to continue to improve our site!

Firstly, you will now be able to track your performance in FACEIT matches. We’ve also introduced two new graphs that can be viewed within each Match Recap, mission leaderboards for all countries, as well as many other small improvements.

Players can now examine both team's economy over the course of a match to identify key rounds and visualise the momentum. You can now also track each player's performance in a Match Recap graphically to see who consistently fragged during the match and who fell off after the first few rounds.

Players can now compete in country specific leaderboards to see where you stack up against your friends, foes, and fellow countrymen.

Furthermore, we have recently revamped our homepage and profile page to help you quickly find the pages that matter the most to you.

The CSGO HUB is designed to help you improve. We are confident that our community can make the most of these new tools to help you rank up.