How to get started on the CSGO HUB

How to get started on the CSGO HUB

Welcome to the CSGO HUB.

This is a quick guide to walk you through how to get your account set up to make the most out of our site. By being able to track your matches we can automatically give you match recaps, detailed report cards, and populate our map analysis tool with your engagements.

Follow along with Rushly as he walks you through the steps:

These steps are also outlined below:

  1. Register or log into an ESL Account
  2. Link your Steam Account to your ESL account
  3. Go to our automatic match tracking page
  4. Open CS:GO and go to the "Watch matches and tournaments" option on the left hand side

5. Select "Your Matches" and choose your oldest match within the last 30 days

6. Click "Copy match sharing code" in the bottom right and paste it into the first box on the tracking page

7. Open the CS:GO Authentication code creator and under "Access to Your Match History" select "Create Authentication Code" if you have not done so already.

8. Paste the "Authentication code" into the second box on the match tracking page

Your match tracking should now be completed and you're good to go. We will start importing your matches from the game you provided and will also automatically receive any games you play moving forward.

If you need any help please don't hesitate to reach out to us by emailing