Pick'Em comes to CSGO HUB for IEM Cologne!

Pick'Em comes to CSGO HUB for IEM Cologne!

IEM Cologne 2022 is finally here and whether you are going to the cathedral of Counter-Strike or not, we have lots of fun for you at CSGO HUB to get the most out of your fan experience! From the Cologne play-in to the grand finals, take part in Fan Club Showdown, Bingo, and CSGO HUB Pick’em!

Introducing CSGO HUB Pick’em

Our brand new Pick’Em competition is available here! Choose who you think will win each match during IEM Cologne and earn points for correct guesses. The play-in stage will begin with a few points for a match and then point values will increase as the event goes on so it’s never too late to join in and make your picks.

Correctly predict each match to earn:

  • 10 points for the Grand Final
  • 8 points per the Semi-Final
  • 6 points per Quarter-Final
  • 3 points for Group Stage
  • 2 points for Play-In

Rack up points as the event goes on to earn exclusive trophies for your CSGO HUB profile! Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies will be awarded at the end of the competition on your profile when you reach the following milestones:

  • Diamond 127 points
  • Gold 105 points
  • Silver 60 points
  • Bronze 2 points

Participate in the Fan Club Showdown

We’re back with another Fan Club Showdown, this time battling it out to see who has the best fans during Cologne. After FaZe took home the Showdown in Dallas, it’s anyone’s game during IEM Cologne. Sign in here and select your team to represent during the Showdown. Once the event has started, play ESEA, FACEIT, or Valve matchmaking games and earn points for your team whenever you win a match. Earn points throughout IEM Cologne for a chance to win amazing prizes for you and your team! Don’t worry if your team doesn’t rank first at the end of the Showdown, prizes will also be rewarded for the top members of each Fan Club and select teams have a chance to win specialized merchandise from the teams themselves! The Showdown will run from July 5-17.

Claim your CSGO HUB Bingo cards

All players who claim their cards here during IEM Cologne will receive one free Bingo card with events corresponding to the tournament. Throughout the tournament if players or teams in the event complete what is in the boxes, they will be crossed off and fans will have a chance to win big if they complete rows or the full Bingo card first! All Premium players will be able to claim their free card, and four additional Bingo cards for extra chances to win the prizes available!

The prizes for IEM Cologne’s Bingo will be:

  • 1 line: Hand Wraps | Slaughter Field-Tested
  • 2 lines: M4A1-S | Hot Rod Factory New
  • Full Card: Butterfly Knife | Doppler Factory New

Get the most out of your Counter-Strike fan experience with CSGO HUB during Cologne