Win $5,000 in awesome prizes during IEM Rio with CSGO HUB

Win $5,000 in awesome prizes during IEM Rio with CSGO HUB

After the exhilarating ESL Pro League Season 16 ended with Vitality taking 1st place, $200,000, and the trophy, we are ready to head to Brazil as the long-awaited IEM Rio Major is about to get underway. Who do you think will claim eternal glory in one of the hottest events of the year?


As well as Valve’s own in-game pick’em challenge, fans can also participate for free in our CSGO HUB Pick’Em competition. Pick the winners of each matchup to earn points toward your CSGO HUB profile Trophy.

Don’t forget, you can also set up custom leaderboards for IEM Rio to compete in smaller leaderboards with your friends. Invite your squad to keep track of who is the most knowledgeable CS:GO fan with ease.


If you’re all about the big skins, there’s another $2,000 in prizes for our Bingo cards. Cross off cells as those events occur in the tournament and win the following colossal prizes.

  • First to complete one horizontal line: Flip Knife | Doppler (Factory New)
  • First to complete two horizontal lines: M4A1-S | Hot Rod (Factory New)
  • First to complete an entire card: Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)

Although you can claim your first card for free, you can also increase your chances of winning an exciting prize with a CSGO HUB Premium membership. Premium members receive 4 additional cards which will complete as soon as the event occurs on the stream.

Fan Club Showdown

NAVI took back their Fan Club Showdown crown during ESL Pro League Season 16 after being bested by FaZe Clan during IEM Cologne. Can they take it home once again during IEM Rio or will we see a new team’s fanbase emerge?

Once again, there are $3,000 in prizes for fans to compete for by winning FACEIT, matchmaking, or ESEA games after selecting their favorite team here. The higher your chosen team ranks, the better the prizes for you and your fellow fans will be! As usual, there is both a free “Global” leaderboard that anyone can take part in as well as the Premium leaderboard with more valuable prizes.

CSGO HUB Premium

Players can access CSGO HUB Premium by subscribing to ESEA League Pass here and then connecting their ESL and ESEA accounts here.

Moving forward

After 4 years of working on CSGO HUB, our team will begin to refocus on some new projects that you will see in the future. As a result, IEM Rio will be our last event with prizes for Fan Club Showdown, Bingo, Pick’Em, etc.

Whether you learned from a tip in our report cards, found a weak spot using our map analysis, completed a mission, claimed a bingo card, submitted a pick, asked a question for a pro player, or supported a team in the Showdown, we would like to thank you for giving CSGO HUB a shot.

Fans of our analytical tools may want to try another ESL FACEIT Group website which we recommend: We hope to create new tools in the longer term to help fans get more out of their watching experiences like Bingo or Pick’Em.

We have learned a lot over the last few years and hope that you have had fun and found joy in some part of CSGO HUB.

Good luck, have fun!