New VOD Library with deep tagging

New VOD Library with deep tagging

Today, we are happy to announce our latest feature for the CSGO HUB: our new VOD Library.

To start, we have input over 1,000 videos. Moving forward, we will continually be adding videos to expand the library with our aim to create a new archive of hand selected high-quality videos. We want our community to be able to easily search the archive in order to find videos that meet their criteria to identify a specific community video, highlight clip, or match. Alternatively, players can browse through different categories to learn and improve their own skillset.

Players will be able to easily filter through different videos.

For example,

Our goal is to continue to expand our VOD Library in order to allow CS:GO fans to easily find content that they enjoy from a variety of sources and content creators rather than battle with generic search algorithms trying to cater for a widespread audience.