CSGO HUB - A Fresh Design for ESL Pro League Season 16

CSGO HUB - A Fresh Design for ESL Pro League Season 16

We have listened to community feedback and have spent the last few months redesigning key pages to a new, more modern design. The left-hand side navigation has been moved to the top bar in order to give us more freedom and space for our core features. We have also sunset some of our original features, like Map Analysis and Report Cards, and focussed more on our most popular pages. Check out our full, new redesigned site here.

To celebrate the launch and upcoming ESL Pro League Season, we’ve got a bunch of activities on the site where you can participate and win cool prizes!

First up, congratulations to iMarbot who took home the best trophy in the IEM Cologne Pick’Em. We have made the point thresholds slightly lower to make it more realistic for casual players to earn the better trophies.

For ESL Pro League Season 16, you need to achieve:

  • Diamond: Over 70% of the points available
  • Gold Over 50%
  • Silver: Over 25%
  • Bronze: Enter the competition

Again, will continue to analyse at the end of each competition before potentially adjusting the numbers again for the next event. Submit your picks for the upcoming season’s Pick’Em competition here.

Pledge your allegiance to your favorite team and win your share of the $3,000 skin prize pool by winning games in Matchmaking, FACEIT, or ESEA. We’ve also been kindly given the following prizes by our partner teams.

Be the top global fan of that specific team to win the following prizes:

  • Team Liquid  - 1st: Team Jersey 2nd: $50 Gift Card
  • Complexity - 1st: Team Jersey 2nd: Team Jersey
  • Mousesports - Team Jersey
  • ENCE - Team Jersey
  • Evil Geniuses  - Team Jersey
  • Astralis  - Team Jersey

Once again, we’ve got another Bingo competition where you can cross off cells corresponding to events that the pro players perform during ESL Pro League Season 16.

Claim your Bingo cards here to win the following prizes:

  • First to complete 1 horizontal line: Butterfly Knife | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)
  • First to complete 2 horizontal lines: Karambit
  • First to complete a full cell: AK-47 | Case Hardened (Factory New)

At the end of IEM Cologne, we modified our subscribe page as moving forward, players with ESEA League Pass membership will receive CSGO HUB Premium automatically. Players who subscribed previously with Coil will still receive their membership until they cancel their Coil subscription. However, new Coil subscriptions will no longer award CSGO HUB Premium. If you would like to receive CSGO HUB Premium, please subscribe to ESEA League Pass where you will also be able to enter their regular events, tournaments, and start your road to ESL Pro League itself via the ESEA League.

With this massive update, and another exciting season of ESL Pro League starting imminently, we can’t wait to get started and hear your feedback. Don’t forget to join our Discord here and let us know your thoughts!